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Types of Classes

Each month, on the second Tuesday of the month, Wealth Building Strategies holds an event on a featured topic.  These presentations are meant to provide relevant and real world information to you.  Below are some of the monthly sessions that are offered. 

Debt Elimination Strategies Ideas to Reality – Real Estate Investing Success
Investing Pitfalls Problems and Mistakes Learn to Lend – Asset Based Lending
Legal Structures – Estate Planning and Asset Protection Multiple Streams of Income
Private Money Partnerships Self Directed IRA Investing
Short Sale Secrets The Millionaire Mindset
The Multi-Family Mentor – Creating Passive Income The REAL Flip this House

debt-eliminationDebt Elimination Strategies

  • How to pay off debt with none of your own $$
  • Good Debt vs Bad Debt
  • Should I Invest or pay off debt?
  • How to pay off debt fast
  • What is a mortgage

investorpitfallsInvesting Pitfalls, Problems and Mistakes

  • What most investors are not going to tell you about
  • There is a dark side to investing
  • Real life examples of real life investment mistakes
  • What to watch out for to escape financial loss
  • Where the major pitfalls are and how to avoid them
  • The importance of having a proper legal structure
  • Hear from other investors and some of their pitfalls

Legal seminar-legal-structuresStructures – Estate Planning and Asset Protection

  • Use of entities
  • Off Shore Trusts
  • Asset protection Strategies
  • Complex Legal structures
  • Protect your investments
  • Real Estate & the law

PPrivate Money Partnershipsrivate Money Partnerships

  • What is private Money?
  • How to structure a deal
  • Institutional Investors vs Angel Investors
  • Wants & Needs of Private money Investors
  • Your responsibility & accountability
  • Beware of the dabbler
  • Legal Structures
  • Securities laws

Short Sale Short Sale SecretsSecrets

  • Keys to successful short sale flips
  • Why Short Sales are not the worst strategy, but rather the best, when it comes to massive profitability
  • Outline 3 keys to more profitable short sale deals
  • Give you 5 types of short sales you should just walk away from.
  • Hit hard the keys to automate your business, so you build a business and not another job

The Multi-Family InvestmentsMulti-Family Mentor – Creating Passive Incomes

  • Why Multi-Family
  • The importance of owning income producing assets
  • How solvable problems = PROFITS
  • Forced appreciation vs natural appreciation
  • The power of passive income
  • Live Case study

TheFlip this House REAL Flip This House

  • The 5 seller types to target in todays market
  • A little known key to analyzing comps for maximum profits
  • The secret to start getting your REO offers accepted
  • The exact methods my students are using to sell properties within 48 hours of putting them on the market

ideas-to-realityIdeas to Reality – Real Estate Investing Success

  • How we’ve purchased over 200 residential homes!
  • You’re only limited by what you think you can’t do!
  • Why Multi Family why now
  • The right opportunity, the right time
  • Having the right team=Unlimited opportunity!
  • Identifying the right market
  • How to properly structure a partnership
  • Private $$, many hands make the workload light
  • Putting the investor 1st
  • Maintaining transparency

asset-based-lendingLearn to Lend – Asset Based Lending

  • Collateralized lending is 1000’s of years old
  • Make high returns w/ relatively low risk
  • How to create predictable cash flow
  • The benefits of asset based lending
  • How to mitigate and reduce risk
  • How to compound your interest
  • Tangible assets vs paper assets
  • How to leverage your lending

 Multiple Multiple Streams of Investment IncomeStreams of Income

  • The planners & the public have it backwards
  • Is your job your only source of income
  • Income vs capital gain
  • The power of a business
  • Income producing assets

Self Directed IRAseminar-buying-sales Investing

  • Self Directed IRA overview
  • IRA investment options
  • Asset based investing
  • Secured lending for profit
  • Prohibited Transactions
  • Whose retirement plan are you really building?
  • Do I really have to wait until I’m 59 1/2?
  • Take control of YOUR retirement
  • ROTH my IRA without the tax bite!
  • UBIT

 The  millionaire-mindsetMillionaire Mindset

  • What does your financial statement say
  • The importance of financial education
  • Do you have financial freedom
  • How to think like an investor
  • Building passive income
  • Why the rich get richer
  • The numbers don’t lie
  • The velocity of money
  • How anyone at any income level can create and build wealth.
  • Do you have excessive “WANTS” or “NEEDS”
  • The 7 specific very simple rules to follow to create wealth or to build and compound what you already have.
  • How to know where you are at financially every day
  • Assets or Liabilities?

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